STEVE-7817.jpgI am a Christian theologian, working primarily in systematic and historical theology. My research has focused on the relationship of the human person to God. This has included: how the self exists before God, how God teaches humanity, how the Word is received through the Spirit, and, most recently, the resurrection of humanity. Related areas of research include the moral, spiritual, and social character of the theological task. In historical theology, my work has been on the history of exegesis, especially premodern, and the relationship between exegesis and theology.

My work is published in the Journal of Theological Interpretation and Scottish Journal of Theology. At present, I am researching the doctrine of resurrection in both historical exegesis and theology in preparation for a monograph on the subject. I also have a translation of Gilbert Narcisse’s introduction to fundamental theology, First Steps in Theology, forthcoming with Bloomsbury T&T Clark.

This blog is a space for me to collect thoughts and quotes, interacting with theological ideas I encounter along the journey.

A copy of my CV is available here (.pdf).

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