Maybe I’m “Post-Pentecostal”

I’ve been toying with the idea for the last couple weeks. I’ve never heard the term before, but I’ve heard of people referring to themselves as “post-evangelical” or “post-liberal.” They embrace their heritage, but look to (somehow) transcend or go beyond their foundation. So, I came to thinking, maybe I’m “post-pentecostal.” I love the spiritual vitality, the expression of spiritual gifts and the passionate worship of Pentecostalism, but I desire more.

I’m out wandering the various traditions in the Church (in its broadest sense) for beautiful, true and good elements to integrate into my Christianity. In this way, I’m not rejecting my background, nor am I simply adding things on top of it, as if somehow embracing a Lutheran view of the sacraments or a Reformed view of human nature could easily sit on top of my Pentecostalism without somehow radically altering it. [This is a whole other blog post, but I am trying not to be eclectic in my theology and spirituality–without too much success.]

What really got me thinking about this was this wonderful article by Michael Spencer, who interestingly describes himself as “post-evangelical.” I resonate with so much of what he’s written here–life experience aside. It’s a must-read!

Happy New Year! Go in peace.


One thought on “Maybe I’m “Post-Pentecostal”

  1. just came along your blog, and read the discussion on Post Pentecostalism. It is interesting for you to know that since last year October, I have been writing on Post Pentecostalism.You may be interested in this. check in the blog.ThanksSamuel

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