Week of Prayer for Christian Unity: Day 5

Today, I’ll continue reflecting in prayer on the confession of the Nicene Creed regarding the nature of the Church; that it is one, holy, apostolic and catholic, especially focusing on holiness.

Lord, You are a holy God. We pause in the midst of this heavy statement. All of creation is witness to the weight and the significance of Your Being. We are like dust before You. We stand in such great need of You that even the continuous breath of our mouths is pure gift. Your Spirit gives us life from moment to moment. And it is this Spirit that breathes life into Your Church and draws us together.

Yet, Lord, You did not remain transcendent, but You joined us in our suffering, in our fragility and limitedness. You sent Your Son to us, purely of Your own initiative, and took on our weak frame. Because of this great grace, both the One who makes us holy and the ones who are being made holy are part of the same family, and You are not ashamed to call us brothers and sisters.

Repair Your broken and divided family, Lord. In the midst of this work, purify it with Your fiery Spirit. Burn away from us all hatred, all oppression, all self-righteousness, all injustice and all pride. Sanctify us, that we might be made like You–that we might be made to love, as You are Love. Guard our hands and hearts from being swift to rush into sin. Preserve us in holiness until that Great Day of Your return.

All these things we ask through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


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