An Ecumenical Pilgrimage

For a long time I’ve been wanting to take a couple months off my home church on Sundays and visit churches of different denominations to get a sense of what’s going on in the broader church world. Well, this summer may be just the opportunity. A friend and I are planning to attend some of the following over the next couple months. We’ll blog our way through it.

  • Salvation Army: The Freeway | July 1 @ 6pm
  • Baptist: Wentworth Baptist | July 8 @ 10am
  • Mennonite: The Meeting House | July 15 @ 10am
  • United: Centenary United | July 22 @ 11am
  • Reformed: First CRC | … @ 9:30am
  • Lutheran: Pilgrim Lutheran | … 5 @ …am
  • Anglican: Church of the Resurrection | … @ 10:30am
  • Catholic: St. Patrick’s Church | … @ 11:30am
  • Orthodox: All Saints of North America | … @ 10am

As I prepare to set out, I’m hopeful—hopeful that in each place I’ll find a new face of Christ I’ve missed, and in each community I’ll find new brothers and sisters I’ve never met.


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