Rowan Williams on Romero

Speaking on the recent 30th anniversary of the martyrdom of Oscar Romero, gunned down while saying Mass, Archbishop Rowan Williams delivered a remarkable homily in his memory. Among his reflections:

Sentir con la Iglesia: ‘feeling with the Church’. This was Oscar Romero’s motto as a bishop – you’ll see it in many photographs inscribed on the episcopal mitre he wore…

His breakthrough into a more complete and more demanding vision came, of course, as a result of seeing at close quarters what the wolves were capable of, and so realising the responsibility of the shepherd in such a situation. The conversion that began with the vicious slaughter of innocent peasants by the Salvadorean National Guard in 1974 and 1975 came to its decisive climax with the murder of his Jesuit friend Rutilio Grande in March 1977, a few weeks after Romero’s installation as Archbishop. From that moment on, sentir con la Iglesia had a new meaning and a deeply biblical one. ‘The poor broke his heart’, said Jon Sobrino, ‘and the wound never closed.’

‘Feeling with the Church’ meant, more and more clearly, sharing the agony of Christ’s Body, the Body that was being oppressed, raped, abused and crucified over and over again by one of the most ruthless governments in the western hemisphere. In the early summer of the same year, 1977, in the wake of the atrocities committed by government forces at Aguilares, he spoke to the people in plain terms: ‘You are the image of the divine victim…You are Christ today, suffering in history’. These words were uttered in a town where the soldiers had shot open the tabernacle in the church and left the floor littered with consecrated hosts. There could be no more powerful a sign of what was going on in terms of the war of the state against the Body of Christ.

You can find the full text of his message here.


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